Steps to Achieving Flow in Your Everyday Work

October 12, 2023

Are you experiencing the “Monday Blues” Monday through Friday, feeling stuck or unmotivated?  If so, chances are you’re not in your true ‘flow state.’  But what is flow? Why is it important? And how can we achieve it on a regular basis at work? Afterall, a state of flow is key to career happiness, and ultimately, career success.  

What is Flow? 

Flow is the state of being when you’re fully immersed in a task, forgetting about anything else going on around you both physically and mentally, or being so immersed in a task that you lose track of time. When this occurs, it’s safe to stay that you’ve found your flow.   

Achieving flow state at work can be absolutely beneficial as it can boost your focus, creativity, engagement and productivity. While flow state can be elusive, these daily practices can help you get (and stay) in the zone, helping you achieve optimal success, and ultimately leading you to love the work you do. (Read more here about How to Love Your Job) 

How to get into flow state: 

  1. Balance challenge and skill: You can achieve flow state when you balance challenge and skill. If something is too challenging, it’s difficult to get into the flow because you’re more than likely stressed about being able to get the function done. On the contrary, if something isn’t challenging enough, then you’re probably bored, which isn’t conducive to flow state. In flow state, this is called the “challenge-skill balance.”
  2. Establish clear goals: Another key element in achieving flow state is having clear goals. When you know what you need to accomplish, it’s easier to get into the flow. Having clear goals helps you understand if you’re successfully completing the task at hand. 

If you struggle to establish clear goals, connect your personal work to larger team and company objectives. When you understand how the task at hand contributes to larger company initiatives, you’re more able to clearly prioritize key work and get high-impact work done. 

  1. Reduce Distraction: Once you’re in flow state, your brain will naturally filter out distractions as you continue to focus on the work you’re doing. But while you’re getting into the flow, distractions will distract you from achieving the mental clarity you need for flow state. Reducing digital distractions, putting your phone on “do not disturb mode” and scheduling and incorporating time blocks are all great practices to help eliminate distractions.
  2. Get in the flow with your team. In addition to achieving individual flow, you can also create team flow. When your entire team achieves flow state, it can feel like you are all working in perfect synchronization. 

 To get into team flow, create working blocks or group sessions where you can all focus on a project, together. Not only will you experience the benefits of being in the flow, but you can share those benefits with your entire team for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

We hope these Premier tips help you find your flow! 

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