Success Stories


“Premier has helped me to build a cohesive team that crosses cultural, generational, hierarchical, and experiential boundaries, one in which these differences weave a tight mesh of cross-functional, intra and interdepartmental accountability, encouragement, tactical and strategic effort focused on the ever-changing goal post of success. As each company milestone has been achieved since 2012 Premier has been the recruiting firm that consistently supplied the talent that helped CGUSA achieve our goals.”

Andrea Chuchvara
Chief Executive Officer, Cosmetic Group USA


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Premier Executive Recruiting for over the past five years. During that time Premier has performed several searches for our company from manager level all the way up to executive level.

Every single interaction I’ve had with Premier has been nothing but first class, they spend a lot of time asking great questions to truly understand what it is that we’re looking for. Premier also takes the time to understand our company‘s culture and how we tick which for me is essential when looking to hire people into our company for the long term.

Premier only presents us with solid candidates that I’ve been through multiple screenings and they have always matched up to our expectations during the interview process.

So far everybody I’ve hired as a result of Premier’s work has been a great addition to our company. The follow up and attention to detail puts this recruiting agency as one of the leading recruiters in our industry and I highly recommend.”

Jason Yates
President, John Paul Mitchell Systems


“The team at Premier were great partners to the Talent Acquisition team and our hiring manager. They took the time to get to know our business, culture, and teams upfront, which was important to me and gave me confidence they were representing us in the market in a way I could trust. We interviewed 3 of the 4 candidates they submitted and made a great hire that was able to contribute immediately. We also considered one of the candidates for another opening we had a few months later.

I couldn’t be happier with the way their partnership, knowledge of the industry and the caliber of candidates they presented. We will definitely work with them again in the future.”

Director, Talent Acquisition BeautyCounter


“My experience with Premier Executive Recruiting was excellent in all aspects. The intake process is designed to understand not only our business but also its functions and culture which led to multiple highly qualified candidates. Their ability to screen those candidates and put the right people in front of us led to very successful hires. I will definitely use Premier Executive Recruiting again as the opportunities arise. I highly recommend this agency to any company looking for a partner in their staffing needs.”
Scott Missad
Chief Executive Officer, Beauty Quest Group

Candidate Partnerships

“I had the pleasure of working with Premier Executive Recruiting both as a candidate looking for a new opportunity and as a Senior Executive looking to fill new positions within the department. In both instances, I was impressed with the professionalism, dedication and the wealth of knowledge and insights to my industry. After placing me in a position that would ultimately grow to be one of the smartest professional moves I have made, Premier has kept in continuous contact with me to ensure that my transition was smooth. Given their in-depth understanding of our company’s culture and needs, Premier was able to come back to our team with yet another qualified candidate to fill a skill-set gap needed within the organization. I would highly recommend Premier Executive Recruiting to any organizations looking for a recruiter that will maintain ongoing communication and keep your needs at the forefront. Outside of her proven track-record, Debbie at Premier is friendly, personable and a trusted industry colleague.”

Tania Kingsrud
EVP of Global Marketing

“I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for the collaboration with Premier Executive Recruiting. The partnership helped me to gain clarity about what I was looking for in the next stage of my career, and then leverage my expertise in international marketing and sales position for the right next step. This included understanding what type of company, personalities and environment that would be the right fit so that I might find growth and longevity. The opportunity that was presented has provided a fulfilling opportunity to lead a team, make an impact and work in culture that I thrive in.”

Rob Koontz
Vice President of International Sales

“I have worked with Debbie over the past 10 years, both with placements for myself, as well as adding to my team. All I can say is that she really is the best at what she does. Her diligence in understanding an organization, its culture and dynamics to identify the right candidate is top notch. She listens to every detail of what you are looking for and delivers on each one. From working with her, I’ve learned that she is always looking out to find the best fit for all parties involved and because of that Debbie is my go-to person for recruitment, every time.”

Jesselyn Alvarez
Digital & Marketing Director

“What makes Premier unique is their ability to connect people and companies that will complement one another well. By actually listening to what I was looking for and understanding my potential career path, culture fit, they were able to align all of these factors for a long-term fit.  I appreciated their honesty and ability to clearly outline what the company was like to actually work for.  The end result is a role that I absolutely love, I’m challenged and growing in a career path that is exciting. I’m able to produce amazing results for a company that really lines up perfectly for my skills and allows me to make a critical impact.  I know both myself and the owners of my company are both really happy that Premier brought us together as it’s a perfect match on both sides.”

Jennifer Shipton
Specialty Business Director

“Premier is the only recruiting firm that I have worked with over the course of my career who manages their client base with raw ambition, authenticity, classiness and ethics.  They apply a very thorough lens to their scouting and screening  process not only for candidates but also for employers.  Their enthusiasm for finding skill set and cultural matches equivocally important to candidate and employer is unparalleled.  With their partnership, I was able to build a unique and very successful team during my time at HCT Group.  Premier helps make the hiring process effortless and rewarding.”

Jill Manning
Product Development Executive

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