Looking For Elevated Talent?

Need talent that immediately impacts your bottom line and Elevates your Team?

We’ve got you covered! We’ve maintained exceptional relationships with industry experts and disruptors in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and beyond. Our connections paired with our beauty industry expertise, certified Performance-based Hiring™ framework and relentless passion enables us to guarantee an elevated recruiting experience with unparalleled results.



Premier is highly specialized in delivering business-critical recruiting solutions for every client partnership. For each of our core services, we utilize our vast resources and expertise to connect you with the best talent in the industry.


We partner on an exclusive contingency basis with clients on mid-level to upper management positions on non-confidential searches. We conduct our intake process, define key performance objectives and provide consistent updates to keep our clients updated on the search results. Our recruiting team can help your business succeed with our direct hire model.

retained executive searches

Your dedicated recruiter will partner with you on your confidential searches through our retained search structure that is paid based on performance. This provides you with a customized job description, job branding strategy to attract top talent, and weekly calls to review the search progress. Our highly detailed, custom approach and access to our expansive beauty network ensures that you will get what you pay for… and a whole lot more.

A few Trusted partners

Our Expertise Equals Results

At Premier, we take the time to understand your team’s unique culture and spotlight the specific results you wish to achieve with your search. With our understanding of your needs, we will present you with a talent pool of pre-vetted candidates whose track records will demonstrate that not only will they get the job done, but will do so in a way that makes a significant impact on your company.

Our expertise in the beauty industry yields us a competitive edge, allowing us to drill deeper into conversations to ensure we accurately represent searches and properly evaluate candidates’ capabilities


Match Accuracy

93% of the candidates we present to clients for an active search are invited to the interview process.


Less Turnover

80% of our placements are employed beyond a year.


Repeat Partnerships

96% of our clients have used Premier for additional searches.

Certified Performance-Based Hiring

Our team uses a certified Performance-based Hiring™ model to conduct a thorough interview process with candidates, ensuring we review and validate specific skills and achievements. Our 6-Step process is centered on creating key performance objectives (KPO’s) to focus on results that need to be achieved within the 1st year.
1. Customized Intake Call
Conduct a thorough intake call and create a custom job description with our clients focused on defining the key performance objectives.
2. Job Branding

Create a job branding strategy to attract top achievers.

3. Profile Presentation

Present candidate’s profile to detail specific evidence that aligns with the KPO’s  to evaluate all qualifying variables.

4. Debrief Call

Administer debrief calls within a 24-hour period after each interview to collect and share feedback from both parties to align search goals.


Verify specific achievements and data through past direct supervisors to validate all key performance objectives.

6. Long-Term Match
Present the offer with a focus on all critical factors: leadership, work environment, career-growth opportunity and the compensation plan to ensure a long-term match.

The Premier Difference

Our passion is working with people, cultivating relationships and creating matches that fulfill the needs for both the company and candidate. Our approach, strategy and network paired with these 4 pillars guide our searches to ensure complete satisfaction with your recruiting experience.

Customized Approach

Your needs are unique. That’s why we customize each search based on your specific criteria to ensure our candidates align with your roles, culture and expected results. 93% of the candidates we present to clients for an active search are invited to the interview process.

Industry Focus

Our expertise in the beauty industry provides a competitive edge to drill deeper into conversations to ensure we accurately represent searches and properly evaluate candidate’s capabilities.

Nationwide Beauty Network

Work with us and gain access to our selectively built talent pool of beauty professionals. We’ve maintained relationships with top game-changing talent throughout our years of working in the industry. Our Premier talent has been vetted based on skills, accomplishments and integrity.

Long-Term Partnerships

You need a strategic partner to find top-talent that continuously impacts your bottom line. We have a track record of supporting our partners throughout all stages of their growth from start-up to hyper-growth and beyond.

Our 6-Month Guarantee

We know hiring top talent is a critical investment, that’s why we offer a 6-month guarantee on our searches to help protect your investment and provide a long-term fit for both parties. If the placement is unsuccessful, we will re-strategize to identify and secure the right match.

Our Disciplines

Our Premier team has successfully partnered with diverse beauty companies nationwide which include beauty brands, packaging vendors and contract manufacturing to place…

Influential thought leaders and decision makers at every level:

  • C-Suite
  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Manager


Talent Making an impact across Various departments:

  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Digital + Ecommerce
  • Sales
  • Operations + Supply Chain
  • Research & Development
  • Creative
  • Project Management