How to Love your Job

August 1, 2023

“I love my job!” Don’t we all dream of saying these words regularly? Unfortunately for many professionals, love of job only rears its head on payday or on vacation days. But what if you could truly find love for the work you do. It’s worth giving intentional thought to whether you love your work and whether it’s fulfilling. It is, after all, a majority of where you spend your time. 

There are proven ways to fall in love with your job, or even just like it more, yet it’s also important to know there is no perfect job. There will always be things you love as well as things you dislike. The best formula for loving your work is to find as much alignment as you can between what you love to do, and what you must spend time on. 

Here are 3 Premier steps we’ve outlined to help you find love for the work you do. 

  1. Identify what puts you into a ‘flow state.’Take notice of what activities get you into the flow. Flow is where you feel like you’re doing the task unconsciously, and you don’t notice the time or the steps it takes to accomplish the work you’re doing.   

Check if you feel drained or energized after a certain task. Does a specific type of work drain you to the core? Or does it unlock a state of flow for you? – that combination of intense focus and effortless power where hours seem like minutes and minutes like seconds? Tasks that leave you feeling energized often convey mastery of a certain task. 

While there will almost always be non-negotiable tasks that don’t spark joy for you, the more you cultivate flow-state-inducing work, the more effectively you’ll reach peak performance and unlock love of work in your professional career and beyond. 

  1. Become ‘irreplaceable.’The most valuable professionals don’t chase after any and every need or shiny object; rather they look for a match between a critical need and their own deepest capabilities.  

Certainly, all people have value and bring capability to their jobs; however, some make themselves more irreplaceable than others.  Such individuals become irreplaceable, not because an organization can’t function without them, rather because they would never want to lose them. Being intentional about the unique value and contributions you bring to your work will not only make you an asset, but it will also contribute to your confidence and love of work.  Another win win. 

  1. View your job as a scavenger hunt instead of a ladder.Professionals typically think of their careers as ladders, when really, they should be viewed as scavenger hunts. When it comes to work, there is no preset route. The most successful people are always searching for new opportunities to utilize their strengths. They’re able to pivot paths, and if something isn’t right, they scavenge back. They also realize that moving off course is nothing to worry about.  In fact, a lot of successful peoples’ routes are directed by a wide breadth of experience because their scavenger hunt has led them to a few different places, and they’ve course-corrected until they’ve found the best opportunities to fit their strengths. In many instances, they have volunteered to solve big problems and have taken on projects outside of their skillset. This has enabled them to discover the best hybrid of opportunity and personal strengths, enabling them to find their flow and excel, providing more satisfaction and love of work.  

We hope these Premier tips help you to reinvigorate the love you once had for your job or that they serve as tools to help you shift your perspective and take the steps exemplified to help you love what you do best.  

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