Your 30-60-90 Day Guide to a Smooth Job Transition

June 10, 2024

Transitioning into a new role can be both exciting and challenging and every transition is unique based on the person, the company, the culture, the resources and leadership expectations. Generally, within 90 days, key stakeholders in the organization will expect to see some traction with the goals you have taken ownership of within your new role.

As your beauty industry recruiting partners, we are here to help ensure a smooth integration into your new role and to also help you meet your goals through strategic execution. We’ve compiled some essential tips for effective onboarding, breaking down what you can do at the 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day marks to acclimate to your new role and achieve your goals.

By following these Premier strategies, new leaders can navigate their first 90 days with confidence and set themselves up for long-term success in their roles:

30-Day Mark:

Begin by thoroughly understanding your new role, responsibilities, challenges and opportunities. Gather as much information as possible through conversations, research, and observations.

Accelerate Your Learning: Aim to learn quickly about the organization, its culture, key stakeholders and the industry landscape. Ask questions, seek feedback, and absorb as much knowledge as you can to adapt swiftly. Focus on building relationships by taking the time to connect with key stakeholders, team members and colleagues to understand their perspectives and establish rapport.

Participate in as many meetings/cross functional meetings to better understand all the players in the business.

Secure Early Wins: Identify opportunities for early successes and prioritize actions that can demonstrate your competence and effectiveness. These wins help build credibility and momentum, both for yourself and your team.

60-Day Mark:

Assess progress: Reflect on your achievements and challenges thus far and evaluate how well you’re meeting your goals.

Negotiate Success: Clarify expectations with your boss, peers, and direct reports. Discuss goals, performance metrics and timelines to ensure alignment and reduce ambiguity.

Achieve Alignment: Build rapport and establish relationships with key stakeholders to gain their support and cooperation. Align your objectives with the broader goals of the organization to foster collaboration and unity.

Build Your Team: Assess the capabilities of your team members and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you have the right people in the right roles. Provide clear direction, support development and foster a positive team culture. Within 90 days, most leaders have evaluated their current team members’ strengths and weakness/skill-set gaps and have generated their action plan for mentoring/replacing talent to support the goals of their role.

Drive initiatives: Begin identifying opportunities to contribute value to the organization by initiating or supporting key projects. Showcase your leadership and strategic thinking abilities.

90-Day Mark:

Create Coalitions: Identify allies and influencers within the organization who can help advance your agenda and overcome resistance to change. Cultivate these relationships and leverage them strategically.

Keep Your Focus: Stay focused on your priorities and avoid getting distracted by peripheral issues. Manage your time effectively, delegate tasks when appropriate and maintain a balance between short-term demands and long-term goals.

Expedite Everyone: Help your team members and colleagues adapt to change by providing guidance, resources and support. Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement to ensure ongoing success.

Align for long-term success: Look ahead to the future and begin aligning your goals and initiatives with the company’s long-term vision and objectives. Position yourself as a strategic leader who can drive sustainable growth and success.

By following this roadmap, you’ll be well-positioned to acclimate to your new role and make a positive impact on your organization. Best of luck on this exciting journey!

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