#PerfumeTok: How This Viral Beauty Trend is Changing the Game

March 10, 2023

TikTok has undoubtedly changed the face of the Beauty Industry and has evolved in ways that could have never been predicted. Chances are, you’ve journeyed down the TikTok rabbithole and have discovered ‘beauty TikTok,’ an eternal haven of beauty tips, tricks, hacks and recommendations from both professionals and consumers alike. After watching authentic reviews of beauty products on your feed, you may have found yourself *adding to cart* and purchasing new items that you never intended to purchase when you opened the app. If this sounds familiar, rest assured that you are certainly not alone. As we noted in our previous article, TikTok and the Beauty Industry: The New Power Couple, beauty shoppers that use TikTok for influence report 24% higher spending… The influence is real!


In the world of Beauty Tok, there exist many sub categories focusing on different beauty and self-care products that are trending. Skincare and makeup products are the usual suspects, continuously trending, but they aren’t the only beauty categories booming in this sector of the app. An unexpected trend has emerged and has caught the attention of millions – “PerfumeTok”, or #PerfumeTok, a community of fragrance lovers sharing their best finds and tried-and-true favorites. Glossy reports this new beauty niche is taking over Beauty Tok with #PerfumeTok having 506 million views, while #PerfumeTikTok has over 1.7B views. But not only is #PerfumeTok trending and racking up views, it is also most notably redefining the way consumers shop for fragrance and boosting sales in the fragrance category. 

As the world becomes more digital and virtual, our lives have followed suit. Just about everything we do has changed, including how we ‘experience’ fragrance. Forever changed are the perfume-buying ways of solely visiting the local department store and spriting endless tiny strips of paper to smell various fragrances that we saw in an ad campaign or magazine insert.  That was once our only option, enter TikTok. 

Content creators are making original and alluring videos that provide a different way to experience fragrance. Fragrance is unique and highly personal, thus it requires a different influential approach than other retail items. This category has drastically shifted from the standard advertisements of interchangeable actors and scripted romance. TikTok has created a disruption and content created on the platform conveys more than just an illusive vibe.

Beauty creators are changing the game through flavorful descriptions of a product’s fragrance notes, telling the ingredient story, sharing aesthetically pleasing shots of perfume bottles and packaging, and thoughtfully describing the fragrance. Using #PerfumeTok, creators are helping users find their signature scents, talking about them and breaking them down by category (floral, warm, citrus, etc.). Others describe fragrances by relating them to scenes and characters from shows and movies. TikTok users tend to gravitate towards influencers they relate to and share similar interests with resulting in purchasing a fragrance based on their trusted reviews.

Significant creativity has gone into talking about how products make you feel and relating the products to consumers on a more personal and real level. This tactic seems to have consumers hooked and this new way of shopping for fragrance is here to stay. 

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