#Hairtok – Is Haircare the New Skincare?

February 28, 2023

Make room cosmetics, skin and fragrance categories because haircare is on the rise!  Haircare has proven to be beauty’s newest booming and thriving category that saw a +17% growth in 2021 (Nielsen IQ), and that percentage is forecasted to keep trending upward. This huge acceleration is largely due to the growing influence of social media, with special thanks to the trend #hairtok.  

HairTok? – Yes, #hairtok, the popular hashtag with more than 15.4 billion views, with countless videos, tutorials, hair trends and product reviews that will send you down a TikTok rabbit hole, influencing you to rethink and revamp your entire hair regimen. 

With the increased mandatory COVID-19 lockdowns, restrictions kept consumers from their regular salon visits, causing them to take matters into their own hands, giving rise to at-home hair care. The limited access to hairstylists and salons had people taking DIY haircare and treatments to the next level. More time at home allowed for people to study up and become more informed about hair types, hair damage, scalp health and about formula ingredients, much as they had in the skincare space. #Hairtok came to the rescue for thousands, if not millions, around the world thanks to social media tips from salon professionals and influencers on platforms like TikTok.

Whether your concerns are about hair loss or interest in trying a new style, TikTok’s #hairtok community keeps you covered and continues to serve its ever-growing social community.

Accompanying this #hairtok explosion, are the massive sales increases in hair care products, especially in products of interest.


According to the NPD Group, trends that grew hair category growth: 

+49% scalp care

+34% clinical hair brands

+32% brands with both skin and hair products (skincare brands launching hair care products) 


The biggest area of interest was and continues to be on hair strength, hair damage repair and stimulating hair growth. In a subcategory of its own, the hashtag #ScalpTok (777.4 million views) is an emerging trend with magnified views of the scalp and ways to treat and nourish it for optimum hair health and growth.

Whatever one’s interest may be when it comes to haircare, this category’s rise is set up to last longer than even the best hair dye! NPD’s Future of Hair study is forecasting to more than double sales by 2024, reaching the size of the overall makeup category today.  Both emerging and established beauty brands have recognized this space for growth potential and have been looking to a diverse group of beauty influencers (haircare enthusiasts and professional hair stylists) on TikTok to establish their brands and promote products. 

Be sure to check out #hairtok for yourself on TikTok to see what’s trending!

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