You’re Happy in Your Job… Here’s Why This is the BEST Time to Answer a Recruiter’s Call

March 2, 2021

Timing is everything. Sometimes when a recruiter reaches out it may feel like it is not the right time to take the call…  you may be happy in your role, comfortable in your company, and not feel completely ready to make a move. The BEST time to have a  conversation with a recruiter is when you’re not actively looking for a new role. It allows you to explore opportunities without any pressure and keep a pulse on what is happening in the beauty industry.

We all know building relationships is an essential part of the beauty industry. Having conversations with a recruiting partner can develop a relationship that ultimately leads you to strategic career growth opportunities.

Ponder on the following…

  • Evaluating alternative opportunities can provide you insights to define your next role and either get you excited or not.
  • Provides you the opportunity to practice your interviewing skills in a scenario where you are “exploring” and not under any pressures of actively searching for a new role.  You don’t need to make a change at the moment and we find this is the best time to explore.
  • Allows you the opportunity to see what other players in your business are doing to determine if they are doing something bigger or greater that could open up an unexpected door and provide a faster career trajectory for you.

At Premier Executive Recruiting, our recruiting team specializes in placing talented beauty industry professionals with cosmetics, skincare, and personal care brands, contract manufacturers, and packaging vendors nationwide. We launch new searches each week and our goal is to be a strategic recruiting partner with beauty professionals to align opportunities with career growth.

We take pride in our proactive approach to build partnerships with talented beauty industry professionals to define your successes from your past roles, the type of functions you are passionate about owning, and defining what that next strategic career step is for your continued professional growth.  We have in-depth discussions about your unique career progression while asking questions to uncover how you achieved specific goals, the environment you thrive in, and the type of work that you find most satisfying. Defining what you have done helps us create a strategic roadmap so we can better keep in touch as relevant career growth opportunities open.

Would you like to connect and confidentially explore opportunities without making a significant commitment? Visit our website and our recruiters will contact you for a confidential exploratory conversation to discuss your experience and career goals for continued growth.

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