3 Must Ask Questions for your Interview

March 31, 2021

You have landed the interview. Maximize this opportunity by asking specific questions to ensure this new job will align with your expertise, work style and long-term career goals.

In any interview, we recommend making it conversational with a give-and-take approach to answering a question and asking a question of your own [Read: Ping Pong Effect]. And as you wrap up your interview, we recommend taking advantage of the final 5-15 minutes to ask the hiring manager 3 strategic questions of your own:

“What are some of the current challenges that exist in this role/work environment that I’d have to overcome?”

This will tell you a bit more about the company culture/collaboration, structure/unstructured, how decisions are made, and if you are prepared to overcome these hurdles.

“If I were to meet all performance goals, what could career growth look like internally over the next 3-5 years?” 

Will this position allow you further growth internally past your first year or two? What could that path look like and does it align with your professional goals?

“Are there any specific areas within my experience that I can clarify?” OR “Is there any additional information I can provide that would make your decision easier?” 

This will tell you where you stand and either segway into the conversation of what the next steps will look like or give you the opportunity to qualify yourself further in a specific area.

Good luck with your next interview!

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