What does “career growth” look like for you in 2022?

January 18, 2022

As beauty industry recruiters, we partner with beauty professionals to discuss career pathing goals to help align current achievements with future growth opportunities. As 2021 comes to an end and you reflect on what you’ve accomplished over the past year and what lies ahead for you in 2022, an important question to ask yourself is: Is your current job offering you the career growth and fulfillment that you desire?

The following 5 highlighted questions are important to define your expectations/career goals in order to pursue them:

  1. Am I evolving my skill-set within the ever-changing beauty industry? The beauty industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace as the marketplace expands with new digital shopping platforms and specialty partnership expansions such as ULTA inside Target and Sephora inside Kohl’s. Operations have proven a challenge throughout 2021 with unexpected delays and shortages. Digital Marketing continues to evolve with content and acquisition growth strategies to drive traffic and convert consumers to leverage higher profit margins with brands through the DTC channel.  Are your skills evolving with the times or is your workplace resistant to changes?
  2. Am I feeling challenged and growing professionally in my current role? Are you feeling satisfied and engaged with your day-to-day tasks? Are you continuing to stretch your skills in your current company, taking on new tasks, bigger projects, or learning new sides of the business? Do you have the opportunity in your team to make a bigger impact?
  3. What is my ideal next step to continue to grow professionally? Our recruiting team conducts conversations with talented beauty professionals on a daily basis. We have found the number one motivator driving professionals to explore a new opportunity is: “Growth.” Naturally, growth is defined in many ways depending on the individual and their goals. Perhaps you want to be more involved in strategy, or expand your skills in another category, or have the opportunity to mentor a team…
  4. Can my current company offer the next level of career growth? Our recruiting team understands the natural desire for professionals to continuously grow in their careers and take on new challenges. We’ve created a helpful guide on how to approach your current boss to learn what you’d need to do to earn a promotion and discuss what career growth could look like for you ahead if you were to stay at your current company – click here.
  5. Should I speak with a recruiter even though I’m not really “actively” looking for a new job? Absolutely! The BEST time to have a conversation with a recruiter is when you’re not actively looking for a new role. It allows you to explore opportunities without any pressure and keep a pulse on what is happening in the beauty industry. Partnering with the right recruiter can allow you to see what is out there on a confidential basis, and exploring new opportunities will either confirm you’re in the best position possible or it could open up a new door to faster career growth. Click here to read our article on the benefits of an “exploratory” call with a recruiter.

If the career growth you desire is not an option within your current company, then it may be time to explore new opportunities in 2022.

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