The Art of the Thank You Note

In the past, writing a thank you note was a priority for most candidates, however, over the years we have witnessed the decline in sending a thank you note after an interview. Although we think this is an important step, it is not necessary for every interview. If you have no interest in pursuing an opportunity further, it may not be the best use of time. However, if you are interested in continuing the interview process, we highly recommend writing a thank you note.

This is not your basic, “Thanks for meeting, hope to hear from you” note… There is an art to it! We recommend utilizing the thank you note as an opportunity to re-express your interest while leaving the decision-maker with a recap of what you bring to the table based on your conversation with the hiring manager. If you are highly interested in being a contender for an opportunity, the following four tips will help you stand out from competing candidates.

  1. Highlight your interest in the opportunity and the company. Providing specific feedback demonstrates good listening skills and alignment with the company culture, mission, and/or values.

Example: The opportunity to represent Premier Beauty to elevate the philanthropy partnership is exciting and a part of the job that I find extremely rewarding. The specific partnership with Children’s Hospital is an organization that I currently support based on my personal passion projects.

  1. Take one of the top objectives and/or pain points that were described in the interview and align with a specific example that demonstrates your ability to successfully own this objective and/or overcome this particular challenge.

Example: I appreciate your transparency with the recent negative PR and understand this is a highly sensitive situation.  In my most recent role, I had to overcome a post from our Founder that received backlash due to the tone and topic. With the right messaging and partnerships of a few key nonprofit organizations, we were able to turn this negative situation into a positive by highlighting the importance of mental health.

  1. Conclude with any topics that you felt built a connection in the interview like similar interest in pets, hobbies, alumni, sports. Add the connection created in the conversation back into the thank you note.

Example: I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation today and look forward to reading your book recommendation for Tony Robbins. One of my favorite quotes from Tony Robbins is, “Action is the most important key to any success.”

  1. Sincerely thank them for their time and effort that you experienced during the interview process.

Example: I understand the marathon you are running to scale your team within this hypergrowth beauty brand. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this opportunity, my candidacy, and answering my questions with a level of detail that confirmed this is an exciting opportunity to pursue.

As your recruiting partner, our goal for professionals when writing a thank you note is to create a genuine tone of appreciation and remind the hiring manager of the alignment between your experience and their goals. Expressing why you want to work for a company is only part of the equation and the other half is continuing to highlight the value you can bring based on your past achievements.

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