Evaluating Multiple Job Offers

The momentum in the beauty industry continues to pick up. And the rapid expansion of beauty brands has been opening up a higher volume of job opportunities. We have been partnering with beauty professionals and working through the process of considering multiple offers… Which is the BEST career decision for you? There are many variables that should be considered to create a strategic career move and we have outlined factors for you to consider to choose an opportunity that will truly elevate your career progression. 

You’ve been exploring your options and have more than one offer on the table…  It is decision time!  You’re likely weighing out a few factors:

  • Which one pays the most?
  • Which has the more attractive title?
  • Which job has less of a commute? Or allows more flexibility to work remotely?
  • You’re “comfortable” in your current job, should you just stay put? If your current job offers a counter offer with more money, should you stay?

Consider this: All of the above are using short-term thinking. Why make a long-term decision using short-term factors? The more important factors to consider are long-term strategic factors.

“Changing jobs needs to be considered an investment in your career,
not a transaction based on which offer pays the most money.”
– Adler

We recommend looking at the full scope to compare roles to ensure the job being offered represents the best long-term career opportunity for you. This includes short-term gain of the job (title and compensation) and more importantly, the long-term gain (true career growth opportunity). Factors you SHOULD focus on:

  • Is the role going to stretch your skills in your first year?
  • What impact can you make in the organization?
  • What types of challenges/hurdles are there to overcome? Will this help you grow professionally?
  • Will you have visibility with Executives? Or better yet, will there be mentorship and support provided to you?
  • Will the role offer you a mix of more satisfying work?
  • What might a career path or growth internally look like over the years assuming you’re successful in the role?

“Consider that time is your most valuable asset,
what you do in the next 2-3 years will affect the next 5-10 years of your career.”
– Adler

We recommend taking the time to weigh this decision, evaluating the best career move based on both the short-term and the long-term factors. Good luck!

The team at Premier Executive Recruiting is Certified in Performance-based Hiring and the philosophies highlighted in this article are shared by The Adler Group.


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