Creating a Value Driven Resume

May 12, 2019

Creating a resume is a tedious and challenging task, to fully demonstrate a professional’s maximum potential. Every recruiter has their perspective on what a resume format, length, and content should entail. A common denominator for any hiring manager is to review content that represents value, with detailed accomplishments, relevant to the job opportunity. The average professional includes extensive “filler words” on their resume, such as “dedicated, trustworthy and organized”.  These are common adjectives described by most professionals, which do not create a point of difference. To create a value-driven resume, you first need to write down your strengths that have a defined accomplishment, ideally using quantifiable data, and the impact this accomplishment provided to the department or overall company.

The following examples are detailed bullet points that demonstrate value-driven accomplishments and define the steps that contributed to the actual accomplishment:

  • Grew annual sales revenue from $50 million to $200 million, from 1999 to 2003. This was accomplished by implementing new accountability processes in the field, executing sales programs to maximize current clients and improving sales planning to execute strategies.
  • Spearheaded the August 2012 Skin Care launch by managing brand direction with print, digital and video assets, achieving $19 million in revenue (10 SKU’s at launch), exceeding budget by 22% and penetrating 25,000 doors in the professional segment.

The proceeding bullet points provide a hiring manager a road map to understanding the professional’s skill set and track record of adding value to past and/or current employers. Creating concise bullet points that demonstrate a track record of achieving results is one aspect of creating a “wow” factor, to capture your audience.

The second step is choosing a format that is simple and emphasizes the professional’s track record. The following examples provide different resume formats to demonstrate Key Achievements and/or Accomplishments:

  1. Creating a Key Accomplishment section within each company to demonstrate a track record of adding value to each employer. For example:

ABC Inc.                                                           Chicago, IL                                          May 2009 – October 2011

Vice President of Sales

Direct and manage the Global distribution channels for this major manufacturer of professional hair care and spa products.  Responsibilities included:

  • Managed five sales directors for the commercial and spa divisions, Inside Sales Department and the Education Department.
  • Partnered with Marketing to develop programs to support new product launches, promotional activities, and new account acquisitions through all trade channels.

 Key Achievements:

  • Developed and sold a private label program expanding into the mass retail channel increasing sales by $15 million
  • Reorganized the Global team created new distribution protocols for “Quality vs. Quantity” which increased Global sales in 2010-2013 by $8 million in sales.
  • Implemented a completely new sales training program designed to improve sales representative productivity, reduce turnover and increase sales revenue. Turnover reduced from 60% annually to 20%.
  1. Presenting the Challenge, Approach and Result can demonstrate your ability to create strategies to overcome challenges (which exist in every company) and the successful results. For example:

ABC Inc.                                                      Los Angeles, CA                                     May 2009-October 2011

Sales Director

Provided leadership for sales in all channels including Professional Beauty, Natural and Retail (Mass, Food and Drug).

Supervised 12 sales representatives; including marketing, inside sales, and administrative teams.  Hired, developed, and sustained a cohesive, productive and motivated cross-functional team within a sales-oriented manufacturing environment.

 Key Accomplishments:


Challenge: Account had been declining in sales since 2010 and was $160,000 below forecasted sales.

Approach: Developed a new broker partnership to introduce new products and product priorities. Additionally, developed new programs and marketing strategies to recapture lost consumers to maximize new product introduction.

Result: Wal-Mart business increased from a loss of $160,000 to a gain of $250,000 in just 12 months.

  1. Bold the most impactful accomplishments on the resume and list below the series of “wins” or accomplishments that define the result of that particular accomplishment. For example:

ABC Inc.                                                              Las Vegas, NV                                          May 2009-October 2011

Sales Executive

  • Strategic Sales leadership and development of a highly productive sales team:
    • Management of key accounts leading to an increase of 30% YOY
    • Hired a sales analyst to review trends reports which led to the creation of customized programs increasing customer loyalty by 30% and re-orders by 20% yielding additional $1 million in sales in 2012
    • Reorganized the sales team to maximize current business, which led to an increase of $5 million in revenue, by customizing orders.


The Bottom Line

I believe every professional, at any level, within their career, has the ability to impact their department or their organization. Those professionals that can demonstrate their impact, with a strong resume and verbal examples, during the interview process, have a high probability of success.  Companies are seeking professionals that will provide value to the company at every level. Therefore, a value-driven resume is the first impression to achieving this goal and creating a point of difference. Remember: no one has your accomplishments or qualifications and those are the specific values that you provide to your prospective employer.

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