4 Simple Steps to be Productive Working from Home

March 19, 2020

We conduct exploratory calls with beauty professionals on a daily basis where we learn about top priorities, achievements and motivators. We noticed a massive shift with professionals prioritizing the desire to have remote work opportunities in 2019 in order to have some flexibility to improve work/life balance and/or to minimize long commutes.With the growing concern among health officials about the impact and spread of COVID-19 in the U.S., many employees have been given the opportunity to work from home (WFH). Here are some tips to capitalize on working remotely and maximizing productivity.

#1 Be disciplined.

Maintain the same routine as if you were going into the office. Start your day at the designated time, take your lunch break within the same allotted timeframe and end your day based on the workload. Allocating a few short slots for a break within the day could be beneficial in order to alleviate burnout.
Plan your task list and schedule any virtual and in-person meetings for the day in advance. Additionally, block out time for key goals and set reminders to join meetings/conference calls since it can be easier to overlook when you’re solo.
Make sure to get dressed and make yourself presentable just as you would to enter the office – you never know when a co-worker and/or someone from your leadership team may unexpectedly want to video conference with you. Avoid a situation that could present you as unprofessional.

#2 Set up your remote workstation in a productive manner.

Choose a designated work area and make sure that your space is set up just as organized at home or at your local coffee shop, as it would be at the workplace.  Ensure that your Wi-Fi is working well and at appropriate speed.
If your laptop curser is challenging, take a few minutes to upgrade to a new wireless one.
If you’re having any technical issues, utilize your IT desk immediately. There is possibly nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to be productive than when your equipment is not working. Make it a priority to fix any issues and increase your focus on the job at hand.

#3 Avoid the distractions.

There are a lot of distractions going on in the world – as well as in our homes and public spaces. If you are on a tight deadline and need to keenly focus on your task for a bit, consider temporarily turning the “Do Not Disturb” function or quiet mode on your device to stop alerts.
Try not to open your social media page to avoid the risk of getting sucked in.
Avoid having the TV on in the background, which is very likely to disrupt your rhythm. We all generally want to be informed and our phones do a great job of providing immediate alerts on important subjects. Personally, I catch up on news after hours to avoid the distractions during the workday. In this climate where so many matters are uncertain, it will alleviate stress to accomplish the work tasks assigned and achieve the goals previously set for your team. Stay focused!

#4 Communicate and manage up.

While working remotely, always be proactive in communication with team members and leadership. Provide daily updates to cross-functional team members and always provide management updates on urgent scenarios. Communication is vital for any organization, particularly when everyone is working remotely. When problems arise, it is best not to solely rely on email to solve the issue. Instead, gather the team to collaborate on a conference call to hash out scenarios and resolution.

The possible silver lining in this unusual time with the Coronavirus pandemic is that employees moving to remote work in the interim, can demonstrate that they can be just as productive and even exceed expectations. This opens the door for future conversations for a flexible and/or remote work scenario. For many of us, long hours and long commutes create a routine that does not include good work-life balance.  Maximize this rare opportunity and show your leaders that you can be more productive on a remote basis and support company goals – while also creating future balance for yourself! Win-Win scenario!

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